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It has been more than 1100 years since Prague city has come to existence. During its long history the city has witnessed reign of Holy Roman Empire, Monarchy of the Habsburg family, German possession, Socialist Government. The city, served as capital of historical country Bohemia, became capital of Czechoslovakia after the First World War. After the division of Czechoslovakia, in 1993, Prague was chosen as the capital city of the new Czech Republic. Being situated in central Europe it was an eventful trade route between eastern and western part of Europe established its economical importance and also developed as centre of political and cultural activities.
It is not unlikely that the city, with such a diversified history, offers more than 20 museums, a wide number of galleries and numerous sites of historical relevance with many have been included in the list of World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. There are various attractions like cinemas, theaters and amusement parks.

Prague Castle

Image Source: Wikipedia

Prague Castle, built on the top of a hill like a gem in a crown, holds Guinness World record for being the largest ancient castle in the world. Spread in area of 70,000 square metres, the castle includes splendid churches, glorious palaces and marvellous gardens. It is estimated to be founded in year 880 by Prince Bořivoj of Bohemia, the castle remained an exhibit of political power. The castle was centre of regime for Holy Roman Emperors, served as administration hub for presidents of Czechoslovakia and became official residence and office of the President of the Czech Republic in 1993.

St. Vitus Cathedral

Image Source: pragueguide

St. Vitus Cathedral, inside the Prague Castle, a Gothic style construction was built in 14th century is a famous attraction among tourists. A beautiful view of the entire city can be seen from bell tower of the cathedral which is the highest point in the castle. Although there are various churches to visit in the castle but St. Vitus Cathedral is one of the most interesting.

Golden Lane

Image Source: discoverczech

Golden Lane, once used as accommodation quarters for palace guards, has been converted to a craft market and is perfect place for shopping inside the Prague castle. Visitors may roam around in most parts of the castle, including generous portion of the cathedral, without paying any fee, however visitors are charged entrance fees in certain areas. No doubt that the castle is the most attractive tourist’s destination in the city.

Charles Bridge

Image Source: wikimedia

Another famous and historic sight of attraction for tourists is the Charles Bridge, built over the Vltava river. Prior to 1841, it was the only link connecting Prague Castle with the city's Old Town and played an important role to establish Prague as traders’ hub by providing passage from east Europe to west Europe. Balustrade of 621 meters long the Charles Bridge is decorated with 30 statues.

Old Town

Image Source: travelerarea

The Old Town is situated in almost centre of Prague. The place is a historic market that was focal point of traders of Romance origin for more than two centuries. It was one of the largest towns in Europe in terms of size and economic activities. Various restaurants, pubs, and shops make it one of the most popular attractions for visitors.
An astronomical clock, built during medieval period, is another attraction of the Old Town Square. The clock was installed in 1410, which makes it third oldest astronomical clock in the word. It is also the oldest astronomical clock which is still in working condition. The clock displays current time, month and season. The clock also features four moving figures symbolising various aspects of life. A figure of Vanity, looking himself in mirror symbolises self admiration, a figure of miser, who holds a bag of gold, symbolises greed, figure of a Turk that symbolises pleasure and leisure and the fourth figure of a skeleton that rings the bell on every hour symbolises that all other three have to leave this world and other figures shake their heads representing their desire to not to go.

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